Philadelphia, Pennsylvania-based demolition union, DIE CHOKING, shoves their second wave of hyperactive, earthmoving grind/thrash down the world’s collective throat, with II.

DIE CHOKING is comprised of Paul J Herzog (ex-Total Fucking Destruction) on bass/vocals, Joshua T. Cohen (Cop Problem) on drums, and Jeffrey V. Daniels (Burden) on guitar, and in early 2014 they unleashed a 7” vinyl version of their self-titled debut recordings through The Compound, the shredding EP blasting listeners with five point-blank tracks in under six minutes. In a repeat pattern, the trio now delivers their follow-up release, II, continuing in sequence from the first EP.

Once again bearing five explosive new songs in less than six minutes, tracks VI through X show DIE CHOKING swarming with even more enraged and psychotic songwriting, and more of an ominous powerviolence approach, while stepping things up in the songwriting department and delivery on all levels. Most of the lyrics are a critique of society and self. The finger ultimately points back at itself. As with its predecessor, the new 7” was recorded and mixed at Mark It Zero Studios with Dan O’Hare (Brutal Truth) -- harnessing all music in one day and all vocals in another -- and mastered by Brad Boatright (Baptists, Code Orange Kids) at AudioSiege. The artwork and layout for II was handled by guitarist Jeffrey V. Daniels, the wax is pressed on high-quality virgin red vinyl in a run of 300 copies. Enclosed in the 7” is a document that will function as an actual, personal living will, in the theme of the closing track, "Tonsil."


released October 8, 2015