Buried Beneath White Noise



Philadelphia-based extreme punk/hardcore activists, COP PROBLEM, are becoming an underground powerhouse, through their diehard of releasing prime, primal d-beatings, widespread DIY touring, and their willingness to support socio-political and environmental causes and animal rights. On their second 7” EP, Buried Beneath White Noise, COP PROBLEM, deliver some of the most breakneck riffage and spinemangling drumrolls charged with their most enraged lyrical tirades yet. The four tracks devastate with white-knuckled percussive rolls, dynamic and devastating riffery, and a torrent of fury in retaliation to the vast, daily injustices afflicting innocent life around the globe, delivered by frontwoman Deb Cohen’s disparaging vocal delivery.

Engineered by Will Yip (Paint It Black, Circa Survive, Balance & Composure) the band previously released the EP digitally, COP PROBLEM have now joined with The Compound to release a 7” version of Buried Beneath White Noise in North America with British DIY label, Prejudice Me, handling European territories. Limited to 500 copies worldwide, the 7” is available on standard black (300 copies) or a translucent green color experiment (200 copies).


released October 8, 2015